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House Surveys & Engineers Reports. Get your Property Pre-Purchase surveys.

A Pre–Purchase House Survey is a Report?

At its most basic level its a building inspectors report. The Pre–Purchase House Survey and building inspection report is the one you get before you buy a property.

Basically its a report on the structural safety of a building. Our pre–purchase survey inspection report contains more than just structural issues.

Building Fire Survey

The Survey is more suitable where a purchaser is not interested in the other factors that affect a buildings value. We also provide these.

Surveys and inspections/reports are usually carried out before you exchange sale contracts so you can identify any problems with the property which could prove costly to repair.


Do I need a structural engineers report?

The main reason is you should get a house survey/engineers report done before buying a house or rental property:

  • You will know in advance what the problems are, cracked walls, chimney damage etc

  • You are able to negotiate a lower price for the house so that you won’t have to pay to repair the problems, i.e. a roof replacement, and know approximately what these problems will cost

These house survey are also know as structural surveys, building inspections, building surveys or pre-purchase surveys and property surveys.

Property survey is to give the buyer or owner a evaluation of the overall current condition of a property. We survey residential and commercial buildings.

We will exam the property and carry out a comprehensive report, summing up the results and this report is provided to the client.

Compliance with Statutory Requirements, e.g. planning, fire safety, and all structural damage is assessed, can also be carried out in conjunction with these reports.

These reports are ideal for solicitors and bank managers.

We carrying out inspection surveys of domestic, residential and commercial buildings and dwellings.

Building/Property fire safety Compliance Report (Amendment) Regulations

From 1st March 2014

Building Control Amendment Regulations requires that:

  • Submission of compliance drawings and documentation to local building control authorities starting at Commencement Notice stage
  • Signing of mandatory certificates of compliance by the designer and undertaking by the builder prior to construction
  • Setting out and executing an inspection plan at key stages during construction by the Assigned Certifier (registered architect, engineer or building surveyor) for compliance with building regulations
  • Signing of mandatory certificates of compliance by the Assigned Certifier and the Builder when a building is complete.

The Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Building Works STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS S.I. No. 9 2014