Disability Access Certificates

How to Get Disability Access Certificate for Building

For a disability access certificate documents such as

  • identify and describe the works or building to which the application relates.
  • enable the building control authority to assess, if constructed in accordance with the said plans and other particulars, comply with the department requirements and the Building Regulations,
  • identify the nature and extent of the proposed use and, where appropriate, of the existing use of the building concerned.
How to get Disability Access Certificates for Building in Ireland

Each application form must be accompanied by the fee. Please note that each building requires a separate form and fee.

The extent to which plans, details and specifications will be required to establish compliance with the Building Regulations will vary in individual cases depending on the type, size and complexity of the building concerned.

The information below can be used as a guideline. Where relevant, all plans and information listed below should be supplied.

  1. A fully comprehensive report denoted to correspond with Technical Guidance Document, clause numbers (submitted in duplicate) to the department.
  2. A set of drawings covering all areas of accessibility (submitted in duplicate)

How we can help:

Basically make sure the building is to standard and fill out necessary paperwork in order to achieve Disability Access Certificates



Example Building Control Form


Date Received: ____________

Register Ref:    ____________

Entered on:      _____________

Entered by:      _____________

Fee Received:  _____________
Application is hereby made under Part IIIB of the Building Control Regulations, 1997 to 2009 for a Disability Access Certificate in respect of the works or Building to which the accompanying plans, calculations and specifications apply.

1.     Applicant:  Owner/Leaseholder (delete as appropriate)

FULL NAME: __________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:      __________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE No.______________________________ DATE: __________________________

Owner of works or building ( if different to above) _______________________________________

FULL NAME: __________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:      __________________________________________________________________

2.   Name and address of persons/s or firm/s to whom notifications should be forwarded

(Owner/Leaseholder or Designer/Developer/Builder)




Phone No. _______________________________  Fax No. ____________________________________

3.   Name and address of person/s or firm/s responsible for preparation of accompanying plans,

calculation and specifications.




Phone No. ______________________________ Fax No. ______________________________________
4.     Address (or other necessary identification ) of the proposed works or building to which the

application relates.



5.     Classification of works or building: ( please tick as appropriate)


Construction of new building                            YES                 NO
Material alteration                                           YES                 NO
Material change of use                                      YES                NO
Extension to a building                                      YES                NO
Brief description of building:


6.     Use of proposed works or building

(a)   Existing use ( where a change is proposed____________________________________________

(b)  New use ______________________________________________________________________

7.     Has planning permission been applied for and granted for works or building?

(a)   Date permission was granted __________________________________________________

(b)   Planning permission No. _____________________________________________________

8.     In the case of

(a)  Works involving the construction of a building, or a building the material use of which has

been changed –

Site area                                                                _______________ (sq. metres)

No of basement storeys                                         _______________

No of storeys above ground level                            _______________

Height of top floor above ground level                  _______________ (metres)

Floor area of building                                            _______________ (sq. metres)

Total area of ground floor                                      _______________ (sq. metres)

(b) Works involving an extension or the material alteration of a building:

Floor area of building extension                            _______________ (sq. metres)

Floor area of material alteration                           _______________ (sq, metres)
9. Amount of Fee ( accompanying this application)                 € ____________________

This Application Form must be accompanied by a complete and certified set of drawings for the works or building.