Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention safety checklist.

You should be able to say YES to each of the following safety statements. If not, action is required and don’t stop until you can say YES to relevant points when you have. Not sure what action to take,

  1. 1  There is at least one smoke alarm on every floor of my home.
  2. 2  I test my smoke alarms once a week (or according to instructions) to make sure they are working at all times.
  3. 3  I replace the batteries at least once a year (or according to instructions).
  4. 4  I never disconnect the batteries.
  5. 5  All family members know the sound of the smoke alarms/detectors.
  1. 1  Our family has an action/escape plan.
  2. 2  We practice our plan and know our ways out.
  3. 3  The escape plan includes a safe place to meet outside the house where you can ensureeveryone got out safely.
  4. 4  We have at least two ways out from each part of our home.

Quick Checklist

Smoke alarms Yes

Fire escape plan Yes

Fire Dangers Yes

Night routine Yes

All our family members know the EMERGENCY numbers 999 and 112.

Our cooker and extractor fan are clean and free of grease.

We turn cookers off when not in use.
We do not use our cooker to dry clothes.
We do not leave the room when our chip pan is on.

We turn off and unplug electrical appliances when we are not using them.

We never overload electric sockets.
Our open fires have both spark and fire guards. We never use an open fire to dry clothes.
We clean all our chimneys regularly.

We keep portable heaters away from things that can burn such as furniture, curtains and clothes.

  1. 11  We never leave lit candles in an empty room.
  2. 12  No one in our home smokes in bed.
  3. 13  We check our electric blankets in our homefor fraying, loose connections and damage.
  1. 1  We make sure the spark guards are in place on all open fires.
  2. 2  We switch off and unplug electrical appliances before we go to bed.
  3. 3  We close all doors at night.
  4. 4  We check out ways out and keep t hem clearat night.
  5. 5  If our doors or windows need keys for opening, we check the keys are in a readily accessible place, known to everyone in the home, before we go to bed.