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Fire Safety Certificates

Fire Safety Certificates from Certified Irish Engineers. What is a fire safety certificate? A Fire Safety Certificate is granted by your local building control authority (your local city or county council). For your local building control authority to grant a fire safety certificate, you must first obtain the services of a competent engineer with a…

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Escape Routes

Apartment Blocks: 24thAugust 2015. Last week we looked at compartmentation within this apartment complex. This week we will look at Escape routes: While carrying out my initial survey of each apartment the very first thing that came to my attention was the entrance door to the apartment. When I knocked on the apartment door the…

Compartmentation in Apartment Blocks in Ireland

Safety in Apartment Blocks

Compartmentation in Apartment Blocks 16thAugust 2015. Last week we looked at the fire alarm system within the apartment block and now we will look at compartmentation within an apartment complex. Safety in Apartments Starting with the apartment door, this must be a fire door set, which includes the door, frame and ironmongery, the condition of…

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Apartment Blocks

Over the last few months I have been working on an apartment complex, there was a fire in one of the blocks which resulted in fatalities. Some of the concerned owners contacted me and asked if I would meet with them to discuss their options. We met at the complex and went into the worst…

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Pinguis Website Design Cork

Hello World from Website Design in Ireland our latest website is for John P Harrington in Cork… an experienced fire safety engineers in Ireland. 20+ years of experience with Cork County Fire Service in Ireland. And a member of The Institution of Fire Engineers also a member of fire Engineers of Ireland. Consultants providing Building…