Fire Safety Certificates or Disability Access Certificates in Ireland

Fire Safety West Cork

Fire Safety Engineers Cork and Fire Safety Consultants. We prepare Fire Safety Certificates and follow through until they are granted. Nationwide Fire Safety services in West Cork are Fire Safety Certification in West Cork. Fire Safety Consultancy West Cork. Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate applications for compliance with building control regulations. Preparation of Disability Access

Granary Court Apartment Complex fire Certification Cork

Granary Court Apartment Complex in Cork

Granary Court Apartment Complex Cork We carried out a fire safety survey on each apartment and common area, with the intention of upgrading the entire complex to comply with local fire authority. After the fire safety survey was carried out we organised contractors to carry out all upgrade work as required and then provided a

Fire Extinguisher Training in Ireland

Fire Safety Training Cork

[googlefont font="Chewy" size="30px" margin="10px 0 20px 0"]Fire Safety Training Cork[/googlefont] Fire Safety Training on Request in your Area. Fire Safety Training Courses and Certification in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare and Tipperary in Ireland. We provide a half day Fire training course. Training the participants to deal with fire in an emergency basis. It emphasises the dangers

Farm fire safety Dangerous substances in Ireland

Farm Fire Safety in Ireland

Farm fire Safety in Ireland Every year we attend farm building fires. Most of these buildings are completely destroyed by fire, often with the loss of large amounts of stock, straw, hay, farm machinery, chemicals and even livestock. What you’re required to do by law Fire safety legislation applies to all farm buildings where people

Fire Safety Consultants Clare

Reducing Fire Risks – Children

Manage and Reducing Risks Children Matches, lighters and candles [one_half] Remember to keep things that can cause fires out of children’s reach. [/one_half] [one_half_last] Position lighted candles and tea lights out of reach of children. [/one_half_last] Electrics and heaters [one_half] Teach children not to poke anything, including fingers, into sockets. [/one_half][one_half_last] Consider getting plug guards

Fire Safety Certificates or Disability Access Certificates in Ireland

Fire Safety Certificates and Disability Access Certificates

Gain Fire Safety Certificates and Disability Access Certificate in Ireland. [one_third] A Fire Safety Certificate are required to certify that the design of the building or works would be in compliance with the requirements of part B of the Building Regulations Act of 1997-2008. A fire safety certificate is required for all new commercial buildings including apartments

irish Regulation Fire Extinguishers

Fire Prevention in the Home

Fire Prevention in the home Get a fire alarm, test it at least once a week. At night put out candles and naked flames. Do not overload electrical sockets, electrical equipment. Spark guards protecting any open/naked flames. Clean chimneys at least one a year Follow manufactures guidelines with  Electrical Equipment i.e. Blankets, hairdryers etc Make